language learning
Elias Robot
Elias Robot is a language learning app that encourages to use the language without fear of making mistakes. The app guides the student step by step towards real life speaking situations. In addition to utilizing ready-made curriculum, educators can create their own interactive learning material. Elias Robot gives individual feedback on pronunciation and users are able to track their progress. Elias Robot supports remote learning and it is suitable for students of all ages. The app can be used with humanoid robots or with laptops or phones. You can get a free licence during school closure by contacting at:
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Learnlight provides language, intercultural and soft skills training via an innovative and award-winning platform.
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Language exchange chat to learn languages socially
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An educational social network for Gen Z’s. Incorporating education into the daily life of students from over 90 countries we empower them through collaborative STEM lessons, cross-cultural communication, and language practice, all while allowing students to make friends in a safe environment.
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